About Us.

Shawarma Bistro

Family Operated Restaurant established in 2020, during these uncertain times. We are here to bring a new experience to our Richmond family.

At Shawarma Bistro you’ll be transported to the beautiful Mediterranean shores. From cultural touches and aesthetics, to our welcoming ambiance and atmosphere, you and your family will feel right at home at our tables. We’ve established a relaxing laid back place welcoming to the whole family where you can relax and let us take care of the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every one of our dishes.

Our menu is constantly updated with the freshest of ingredients to be expertly prepared in traditional Mediterranean style. Stop by today and experience a slice of the timeless shores of the Mediterranean, right here in Richmond.

Serving the best Shawarma since 2017


      The Mediterranean is a magical corner of the world, full of the wonders of the sea, rocky cliffs and beautiful beaches. The culture is welcoming and family oriented, with food as a main medium through which to enjoy the company of others. At Shawarma Bistro we work hard to embody the spirit and culture of the Mediterranean in our cuisine with only the freshest ingredients. We bring a unique style and presentation that you won’t find at other restaurants and a flare for both classical and modern takes on traditional dishes


     When it comes to authentic cuisine, Shawarma Bistro does it best. Our menu creations span the gamut from the classic and traditional, to modern takes and spins on old favorites. We creatively and eloquently meld your favorite Mediterranean staples into delectable dishes, carefully prepared to tantalize and awaken your senses. From traditional olive oils, to fresh bread, fresh salads , to our delicious Shawarma we have a little of something for every patron and preference.  We also carry a child friendly menu, so that everyone can enjoy.

Meet The Taste Experts

khaled chalghoumi

Executive Chef / Kitchen Manager

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